Dan Sankey



You're here because you value great design and one way or another my name has come up. That reflects well on both of us, so let me introduce myself...

I'm Dan, a multi-disciplined designer, highly-experienced in balancing lofty business goals with user-centred solutions.

Over the last 10+ years I have been central to solving problems related to digital transition and design at scale with CBRE, Elsevier and Johnston Press, both at a strategic and operational levels.

I have led multi-disciplinary teams through projects covering product design, platform design, visual language development, brand evolution and design system development and have built and developed teams to be principled, adaptable and resilient.

I'm deeply passionate about solving human-centred problems and have a wide toolkit to dig into and tailor every process to the problem in hand. From pen and paper, design-thinking frameworks and even just a good old spreadsheet, I've a tool for every occasion.

I enjoy reading and writing about design and share my ideas, thoughts and tips with the design community on Medium.

Beyond my work, I love all the usual things that tend to resonate with creative people. Photography, art, music, travel, family, friends, the great outdoors ...

So now it's your turn, introduce yourself...