Dan Sankey

Data Visualisation

Major Scale

Major Scale is a series of infinite artworks based on the visualisation of musical harmony.

These constellations represent the chords, scales and progressions that are prevalent through music by plotting their constituent notes on the chromatic wheel.

It's a by-product from an ongoing study on the Musicality of Design Systems, a series looking at how the conventions of music can potentially help with problems of design at scale.

From a simple set of pre-composed shapes that represent the musical chords, infinite compositions can be created - for any medium, any size with any style.

Some of these will be made available to buy as prints shortly, with a piece of development work underway to create these generatively too.

Get in touch for commissions, information and pricing.

Major Nine
Plagal Cadence
Major Wire
Paranoid Android
God Only Knows
Major Color
Major Color
Major Blush